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F4217*NEW* 7.62mm/.308 Barrett MRAD Bolt Action Rifle.



*NEW* 7.62mm/.308 Barrett MRAD ( Multi Role Adaptive Design) Bolt Action Rifle. The design of this rifle was created from a request of the U.S. Special Operations Command who wanted to engage targets up to 1500M and beyond. Hence a .338 Lapua Magnum Barrel is interchangeable with this rifle. Full length rail with a 30MOA tilt. Barrett claim that barrel changes create no more than 1MOA on the target thus not having to rezero the scope. The Upper is a monolithic rail system with a free floating barrel threaded for Sound Moserator or Muzzle brake.  The bolt retracts into  a polymer housing and when closed forward it carries the housing with it to act as a dust cover. Fully adjustable trigger set.  The detachable magazine is double stacked with an ambidextrous release. Comes with a Pelican hard case. £8500.